Frozen Tear Drops

It’s snowing. Big, fluffy, white snow flakes. Times like this always remind me of you, how you loved to watch them fall, how you would laugh and pull me outside saying look at how beautiful the quiet is. It’s days like these I miss you the most. I long for our deep conversations over nothing, I ache for the smile that would paint your face bright and happy with wonder, I miss the deep sparkle of your eyes. One day I’ll see you again, and when I do we will walk in the quiet snow once again. Until then I’ll watch these frozen tear drops from angels fall around me.


My sun and stars

They say you fall in love with three people in your life, ones to teach you a lesson, ones to show you what you don’t want, and the lastly the one you never want to let go, your life partner. I can honestly and soundly say I’ve had all three of these people in my life, hence my three failed engagements. 

My life partner and I arejtbseeing eye to eye at the moment and it’s ripping e to shreds. It makes me second think, maybe this isn’t the path I’m supposed to take. Maybe somebody else is out there and this was just a temporary fix to a broken heart. I’m not sure about anything anymore really I feel like my thoughts are a constant monsoon flooding my mind. My emotions are a hurricane in my chest and I’m not sure what to think or feel anymore. 
I am wholely convinced that real love doesn’t exist any more. That people just want some one to do things for them. That they don’t love the person they love the things said person does for them. 

All I know is no matter what he will always be my sun and stars, my life partner, my best friend.