Tiny Handcuffs

Someone once said a wedding ring is the tinest pair of handcuffs so chose your partner wisely. 

For months now that saying has rattled around in my head nonstop. 

I have no clue why but just the thought of marriage now scares me. What if he is only with me for the kids? What if he doesn’t really love me? Am I ok with the rest of my life being like this? 

I love my partner with all of my heart and I am in love with him. But what if he really doesn’t feel the same? I think everyone goes through this when in a serious relationship and not married yet. 

People say marriage is just a piece of paper but for me it’s so much more.

It’s choosing to change who I am my name and all to become one with you. It’s choosing to love you and only you, it’s choosing to promise to be by your side through the worst and best of times, it’s choosing to love someone so much more than yourself that you would bind yourself for enternity to them. 

For me marriage is so much more than a piece of paper. My ring symbolizes so much more than what people think. 
I’m just scared he won’t want me to be his partner and is with me for the wrong reasons. That he’d marry me and second guess himself and not want to be handcuffed together by the tinest cuffs. 

I guess with deployment coming up I am on edge.
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Through the eyes of a MoonChild.

This is the post excerpt.

Hello world and welcome to my first blog post on Through the Eyes of a MoonChild. This blog will follow my endeavors as a mother/step mother, photographer, military wife, and the constant fight against the shadow in my mind called depression. I start this blog on the day Donald Trump is elected president because it just seems fitting. 

Let me tell you a bit about myself I am a mother of four children under 4, two boys and two girls. I am a step mother and military wife. I am a photographer based in the heart or Columbia, South Carolina. I am 21 and born in July in the heart of Cancerian season. I struggle with chronic depression, Bipolar disorder, and just the daily struggles of being a mom. This is my journey in life, a peek at the world through the eyes of a moon child. 
My name is Lindsey but most everyone calls me Lizzy. I have struggled with depression since I was 8 years old and became a mom at 16 to a beautiful girl named Scarlett who will be four in July of 2017. My two step children I’ve had since they were 9 months old my daughter Abby and since my son Mason was two. We have just added a new addition to our family our youngest Samuel who will be one in March of 2017. Despite being a young mother I did graduate and go to collage. I have a graphics and photography degree.
I’ve been a photographer since the summer of 2013 when my daughter was born I got into taking photos of her and my love of it just grew from there.

I will update my blog every day or at least try to, if you have any questions or comments please leave them I’d love to chat with you all. 
For now have a wonderful Friday.